Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition


Safari Adventure Edition binoculars
The new Safari Adventure Edition allows you to overlay the wilderness of Africa directly on to your binoculars. Do you want a simple and elegant camouflage pattern like the black & white stripes of a zebra or the graceful and wild pattern of a leopard that lurks in the undergrowth of its prey?

With the Adventure Edition from Steiner, you can decide which type suits you best. Choose one of the two fur patterns and render your binoculars not merely into something to look through constantly but also into an eye-catcher.
This is too wild for you? No problem at all. Each pack includes, of course, the classical standard variant as well.
Create your own style and transform your binoculars into an adventure-loving companion with the Safari Adventure Edition – Choose the wild!

*Once attached, the adhesive label cannot be removed.

600x300 Steiner Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition 10x42

Safari UltraSharp 10x42


600x300 Steiner Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition 8x30

Safari UltraSharp 8x30

600x300 Steiner Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition 10x25

Safari UltraSharp 10x25

600x300 Steiner Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition 8x25

Safari UltraSharp 8x25



Modello Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition  10x25 Safari UltraSharp Adventure Edition  8x25
Codice articolo ST2333 ST2332
Diametro obiettivo 25 mm 25 mm
Ingrandimento 10 x 8 x
Peso 302 g 300 g
Larghezza 143 mm 143 mm
Altezza 95 mm 95 mm
Profondità 45 mm 45 mm
Pupilla d‘uscita 2.5 mm 3.125 mm
Luminosità 6.25 9.77
Fattore crepuscolare 15.81 14.14
Campo visivo a 1000 m - -
Sistema di messa a fuoco Sports-Auto-Focus Sports-Auto-Focus
Distanza minima di messa a fuoco
Ottiche alte prestazioni High-Contrast High-Contrast
Impermeabilità si si
Intervallo di temperatura Da –20 °C a +70 °C Da –20 °C a +70 °C
Conchiglie oculari ergonomica ergonomica
Rivestimento in gomma NBR-Longlife NBR-Longlife
Tracolla Comfort Comfort
Attacchi tracolla Fixed Fixed
Copriobiettivo si si
Copertura antipioggia si si
Astuccio si si
Garanzia 10 anni 10 anni
Prezzo 251.00 237.00